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Our members join together in the areas of health plan contracting, quality improvement, purchasing, and education through which we can add more value collectively than individually.




The Children’s Health Alliance provides services to our members to assist private practice pediatricians in providing quality, cost-effective care to their patients. These services include:

  • Negotiation of group risk and non-risk health care contracts that are focused on pediatric care.
  • Negotiation of vender contracts for medical supplies, vaccines, office supplies and equipment and other services.
  • Pediatric quality improvement initiatives for asthma, immunizations & care management.
  • Contract dispute resolution resources.
  • Access to average sales price (ASP) and average wholesale price (AWP) catalogue indexes for vaccines.
  • Claims data repository among members for contract compliance, negotiation and quality improvement activities through PayerConnection.
  • Issue-specific public and legislative advocacy.
  • Influence of pediatric quality measures for health plan and State quality improvement scoring and frameworks.
  • Educational seminars.
  • Alliance monthly newsletter and website.